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Matt and his team did a great job listening to what I want done, and knocked out every detail the way I had requested - which included weeding (a lot), removing dead plants, dividing and replanting over-grown plants, removing 2 seasons worth of dead growth, mulching, weed prevention, and weed block.

The work was thorough and clean. They removed and moved all the jumbled garden hoses and soaker hoses, trellises, supports and other garden 'accoutrements' out of the way, and neatly stowed them away to do the work. Also cleaned the workspace well and left the place looking spotless.

Matt is also very respectful of people's schedule and time.

Highly recommend Goddard Grass Grooming Service.

- Parvadha Govindaswamy

Super friendly, affordable, and flexible! 100recommend.


Thank you for a job well done, just in time for a lite rain today! Cannot tell you how happy I am with the service I received!


I have a new yard that was only seeded with as cheap as possible from my builder. Goddard guys airyated and seeded last week and fertilized yesterday, the new seed is already starting to come up and making my yard look much better! I do not have the knowledge on how to keep my yard looking good, so I will be calling in the spring for more services.


Matt did a great job, Call Him for your needs!

- Tom eisenhart

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